Why are toys important in childhood development?

Why are toys important in childhood development?

Nowadays people are constantly in a hurry and parents often find all the excuses not to play with their children. On the one hand, it is convenient for kids to watch a cartoon or play some online games. But our opinion in Gerardo’s Toys, screens are not the best choice and parents might prefer real toys , because the off-screen games play a big role in the child’s development. It should be the responsibility of every parent to find at least 15 minutes a day to engage with their children in the activities that their kid leads. It could be their favorite board game, drawing together or some fun role-play.

Playing develops imagination! Have you noticed how ingenious your kids are while playing simple games? Children often create their own story while playing. Sometimes they just need one toy to find an incredible amount of ways to use it in their different games. For example Gerardo’s Toys Wooden Birthday Cake. Kids can be very creative when you give them an easy direction. For example they can play in the café or shop with the same birthday cake, celebrate their favourite doll’s birthday, practise precision by cutting a cake and there are many more ways to enjoy one toy instead of watching TV. How cool is that this colourful wooden birthday cake never runs out, so you can celebrate a birthday not annually, but daily!

Play improves language and social skills through the game. Children mainly play with their parents during the early years and we believe that playing with toys develops children’s vocabulary. Through the game they learn to pronounce and understand different colors and shapes. As they grow older, they also learn to play with kids their own age. The simple act of playing with another child challenges them to experience situations where important lessons are learned: respect, cooperation and sharing. Toys also motivate kids to take initiative, learn to negotiate and teaches them how to get organized better.
Playing makes kids think and it’s also good for the brain. One thing is the imagination, but the other thing is that playing with real toys makes children think and store the knowledge experience through physical contact. For example, how to strategically win or place a tile in another. For younger ones Wooden Tic-Tac-Toe. Simple and educational board game, which develops children’s logical thinking and strategy skills. Actually this game is also fun for parents to play. This game is stimulating children concentration and memory skills!

Playing with toys can also by physically beneficial. In addition to developing a mindset, it is also very important to guide children to physical activities. For example My First Jumpys develop balance control, strengthens muscles, builds confidence, increases coordination skills and is good for physical exercises. It is a good companion which keeps your child active both indoors and outdoors.
In conclusion we believe that parents can do so much for their children development. Often it’s enough to take time each day when just leave everything else and only use this time for playing with your kid. If there is more to do at home, then just guide your child to ideas on how to do different activities.

Have fun and enjoy playing with your child!